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20th January 20
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School Aims:
To value the education of the whole child, putting the Roman Catholic faith and our relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the heart of everything we do.
To value children, staff and governors in our school as unique human beings with the individual ability for personal growth, development and change.
To ensure that all pupils experience exceptional and purposeful learning and teaching through the delivery of an outstanding and challenging Curriculum, within a fun and stimulating environment.
To promote high expectations and the achievement of highest standards in all aspects of school life, whilst treating all members of the school community fairly and promoting pupils' self-esteem and developing their confidence.
To continually develop a self-improving, forward thinking school, building on our strong relationship with staff, governors, pupils, parents and the parish.
To attract talented, faithful, caring staff, who work for the good of our children.



 Click on 'Curriculum overview' in the left hand column

 to see the curriculum overviews for each year group


There is also a link to our Local Catholic KS3  school,  Blessed Trinity College, Burmley  -  to the left hand side column.


At St Mary Magdalene's our Catholic faith is central to all aspects of school life, and our Mission Statement provides the basis for all teaching and learning. The school curriculum is designed to offer each child many opportunities to get to know and love God, and to receive a broad, balanced education based on the provsion of excellent teaching and learning opportunities, with a view to becoming a well-rounded person.

From the highlighted list on the left hand side - click on 'Curriculum Overview' for each year group. 

Parents/guardians can also find out more about the National Curriculum of England that our school follows by clicking on the link Below:

Thank you.


Please click on the above link for more information regarding the National Curriculum for Maintained Schools in England (updated 2014).